XUNO is an initiative that enables families to log in and have immediate access to student information. Information available to you will include your child's timetable and attendance in classes, student reports, absence details and any events that have been organised (excursions/incursions). You will also be able to communicate to your child’s teachers via an internal message system.

XUNO enables families to input absence reasons for any absences that are still “Unexplained”. We would appreciate families to regularly review their child’s attendance and provide reason for any of these unexplained occurrences.

Once you have received the email with the link and have logged in, it is recommended you change your password. This can be done by going to the 'Options' menu and selecting 'Reset my password'. 

It is critical your email address and details are up to date on our systems for this process to work. If at any point you have any issues, please call the office on (03) 5472 1522.

An information booklet about XUNO is available here, this details how to use XUNO and where to go to for help.

A booklet regarding the use of the XUNO app is available here, detailing how to download and use the app. 

We welcome feedback on XUNO. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact the office on (03) 5472 1522.