We are recommending you drive the Douglas Crescent circuit to avoid the dangerous U turn near the gate at the bottom of Roberts Avenue. This will also mean less traffic at the crossing, making it safer for everyone!

Alternatively, you can drop off and pick up on Ray Street - at the top of the school - or near the green bridge on the Midland Highway, as both streets have School crossings.


The school has two school crossings controlled by supervisors. These are in Ray Street and Johnstone Street. The crossings are supervised at the following hours:
** Before School Ray Street 8.20am – 9.00am
Johnstone Street 8.15am – 9.00am
** After School Both Crossings 3.15pm – 3.55pm

Please use the school crossings when the flags are displayed and the Supervisor is present. 

Wait behind the white line until the Supervisor blows the whistle 2 times.

Please park your vehicles legally- look at the parking signs.

Children are expected to obey the directions of the crossing supervisor at all times. The School Council, through the Principal and staff, is responsible for the conduct of students on the way to and from school, unless an adult accompanies them.

It is most important children are not encouraged to access cars in the middle of the road, or other inappropriate places. The crossing outside the school is to be used at all times by students and their parents.


Children must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle to and from school. Bikes are stored within the school grounds, and it is recommended that valuable bikes be locked.


Bus travel is available for some children who live out of town. This is co-ordinated through the Bus Co-ordinator at Castlemaine Secondary College.

All enquiries must be directed to Castlemaine Secondary College – 5479 1111