Uniforms and sun hats

The Winters Flat uniform consists of:

  • polo shirt - navy and teal
  • pants pants (short or long) or culottes – plain navy
  • black shoes.

Girls also have the option to wear a Gingham summer dress.

In Winter, navy fleece jackets and vests can be worn along with navy scarves, and are available to purchase through the uniform shop.

School sun hat policy

Winters Flat wide brim sun hats must be worn from 1st September until 31st April. They can be purchased from the office for $14.

Buying your uniform

A pop up shop is located at 207 Barker Street, Castlemaine. Alternatively, an order can be placed online here.

We also have a range of secondhand uniform available. Please see the office for more information.

Please name everything your child wears to school.