SPACE: Social, Physical, Academic, Creative & Emotional

SOCIAL: interpersonal skills,
PHYSICAL: healthy mind in healthy body,
ACADEMIC: acquisition of appropriate skills and knowledge,
CREATIVE: ability to think out of the square,
EMOTIONAL: self-knowledge.

Our school has developed a philosophy we call SPACE, in that we work hard to develop each child's Social, Physical, Academic, Creative and Emotional wellbeing. We believe all areas are equally important and we strive to put in place structures and programs that ensure all areas are nurtured and monitored.

Each child's progress, from Preps to Grade Six, is tracked using a variety of subjective and objective assessments. Information gained from these assessments is used to prepare a SPACE profile for each child. Children are ranked from 1 to 9 in each of the five SPACE areas.

Social: Sociograms, child self-assessments, teacher observations/checklists, "You Can Do It" activities.

Physical: Beep/fitness tests, weekend sport, teacher observation/checklists, child self-assessments.

Academic: ACER Standardised Tests, NAPLAN, OnDemand, Early Years Observation survey, Numeracy interviews, teachers school tests.

Creative: Rubric, Teacher observation/checklists.

Emotional: Child self-assessments, teacher observation/checklists.

The school bases its understanding of 'emotional intelligence' from Griffith University's Dr Peter Jordan's research and findings.

According to the doctor, emotional intelligence, or EI, is as important an indicator of potential as IQ, if not more so.

SPACE: social, physical, academic, creative and emotional well-being all fit together to make a happy, healthy child.

Jordan's research found that emotional intelligence influences the performances of work groups, with high EI groups outperforming low EI groups.

Winters Flat curriculum initiatives, are designed to skill the children in developing the foundations of confidence, persistence, organisation, and comradeship.

It is the teaching of these fundamental foundations that enable children to learn the necessary academic and social skills; to develop their EI as well as their IQ.