School Lunches

Winters Flat Primary School is proudly a Nude Food school.

nude-foodNude Food is food without excess packaging. ... Durable, reusable containers are a great way to bring food, as they may last from pre-school through to high school and beyond, providing long term cost savings and environmental benefits.  There are no garbage bins at our school, so lunch wrappers and any rubbish brought in, must go home!

Food scraps of course, are composted to feed our hungry worms or go into general compost for the garden.

The school has a healthy eating policy, which encourages students to bring fruit, vegetables and water bottles in their lunch boxes every day. Chips, confectionery, fried foods and high sugar drinks such as soft drinks, energy drinks and flavoured mineral waters are excluded from the Lunch Order system and are not to be brought to school by children for eating at play/lunch time.

At all grade levels, a ‘healthy snack’ break occurs daily. Children are only allowed to eat fruit, vegetables and drink water at this time.

Children eat their lunches in the classrooms under teacher supervision.