Parent Teacher Communication

Reporting to Parents

Reporting Journals are an excellent record of your child’s work throughout the year. They are sent home at the end of each term and must be returned at the start of the following term. These Journals are an excellent opportunity for you to discuss progress with your child.

Written reports are included at the end of Terms 2 and 4, and national testing results (NAPLAN) for Year 3 and 5 students included in Term 3.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Various opportunities are arranged for parents to talk to teachers.

Formal Parent/Teacher interviews are held at the end of Terms 1 and 3, but appointments can be made at any time during the year.

Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress, with written reports being issued in June and December, as part of the Reporting Journals.

Please make prior contact to arrange a convenient appointment time.

Problems at School

If your child is experiencing any problems at school, the matter should first be discussed with their class teacher. It is best to make an appointment so that matters can be given the time they require.

Protocols for parent/teacher contact are outlined in our Parent/Teacher Communication Policy.