See below for an 'aerial tour', a 'virtual walkthrough' of our school, a 'Principal's tour', and 'A day in the life of a Prep'.
If you wish to receive a link to the Webex recording for our recent information evening, please contact us!

Front of the school

Prep/One Area

Readers Area of the Junior Learning Community

Grade Two/Three/Four Classrooms


Deck between Admin building and the Senior Learning Community

'Billabong' in the Senior Learning Community

Grade Four/Five Classrooms

Grade Five/Six Classroom

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen

Garden and Oval view

Aerial Tour

Principal's Tour of New Buildings

'A day in the life of a Prep'

Video Acknowledgements:

Drone footage: Chris Mather- Bendigo Aerial

Video Creation: Monte Macpherson

Credit: Sustainability Victoria

Photos: AJ Taylor, Anne Neath, Annette Ruzicka

Music: Richard Pleasance- 'Winters Flat Tyre'