Junior Learning Community

In 2020 the Winters Flat Junior Department consists of a prep/one class with Fiona Johnston and a one/two class with Bianca Alvarez Harris. The classes are located in the building called Creekview. As well as large classrooms the building offers a spacious and light filled central area, which is used for reading, play-based learning activities and art sessions.

Students participate in weekly activities including:

  • Bluearth (Physical Education) with Sam Milner every week
  • Art every week with Katie Kilgour (P/1J) and Jennifer Thoma (1/2A)
  • French classes are every two weeks with Katie Kilgour
  • Performing Arts every two weeks with Suzanne Kinnersley

Students also have access to the School Library to borrow books each week (Thursday).

We also have a Cobbers Program, where an older student is paired with a younger student. This mentor program fosters relationships and supports our new students’ transition into the school environment. Parents are welcome to help out with a range of programs and their assistance is always appreciated.

Students in the Junior Department participate in “Activities” as part of our weekly timetable. This is a structured play experience which involves all the students working and playing together in our big central space. Activities are facilitated by the teachers using a selection of equipment.

Activities can include craft, construction, dress-ups, dramatic play, mobilo and singing. Afterwards the students return to their classes to reflect and write about their experiences.

School Artwork