A Play-Pod in a Tram

A Play-Pod in a Tram in the Playground at Winters Flat

This is my vision for a Re-invented Tram for Winters Flat Primary School...

As part of children transitioning from pre-school & Kindergarten to Primary School, I believe children need more ‘props’ to ensure positive play experiences are easy to enter into for all children. I envision the tram, decorated by the children, filled with all number of recycled materials &  small parts that the children can access from the tram to make cubbies, pirate ships, café’s, etc…just like they would at kindergarten! 

The tram would also form part of the World Food Village Café project as extra seating and a great place for discussing ideas.

It could also be a place where sub-committees meet, a homework club or any other range of activities that could be run from the tram after school hours. I see the tram being decorated in a very multi-cultural style, and including the flora and fauna of the area, including bird life…

If you would like to add your idea’s submission date is Friday 6th July – please email Kim your idea’s at collins.kim.k@edumail.vic.gov.au. Please don’t put your own submission in, but communicate your idea’s with us so we can put them all in together as one application.   

Photo: Tram decorated by ‘yarn bombers’ in Bendigo