Middle Learning Community

In 2020, the Winters Flat Middle Department consists of a grade 2/3 class with Helen Weir as the teacher. We are situated at the eastern end of Creek View.

The building is light and open but also allows for rooms to be closed off. We use the space in a range of ways to maximise student learning and also take advantage of having the school library just outside our doors.

Our specialist teachers are Sam, who provides P.E. each week, with Katie and Suzanne taking French and performing art on a fortnightly basis. We also do Art each week with Jennifer Thoma. We bring creativity and physical activities into our regular classroom programs and particularly enjoy Bluearth, technology and art/literature activities. The Respectful Relationships program and a range of social, emotional and mindfulness activities are also integral to our classroom activities.

We are fortunate to take part in the SAKG program each fortnight, spending an hour in the garden with Terry where we harvest for our lunch and complete a range of garden/science/sustainability team activities. This is followed by two hours in the kitchen with Jane who teaches us about food, nutrition, sustainability, science and hospitality. At times it seems a bit chaotic, but every second Tuesday, we end up with a beautiful lunch after an amazing learning experience.

In the Middle Department, we take our learning seriously. We are keen readers, writers and mathematicians, which we balance with creativity and fun. We have routines and expectations to support students becoming independent learners and school members, and we do our best to care for self, others and the environment.