Department Coronavirus Updates


Current procedures in place

*Prep-3 (JLC)

Arrive 8.55am (normal start time)

Depart 3.15pm (normal finish time)

*Year 4-6 (SLC)

Arrive 9.15am (those who do not have younger siblings)

Depart 3.30pm.

*Prep -Year 3 Students are encouraged to use the gate near the basketball court, while students in 
Years 4-6 use the main gate near the office.

*We have adjusted the start time for senior students who do not have siblings to the later time of 9.15am, with their day ending at 3.30pm.

*The school cleaning team is already working additional hours to meet the standards required.

*As we've already established, children will not be required to socially distance from each other but staff members will. We continue to encourage everyone to respect personal space and try be aware of 1.5 metres distancing whenever possible and practical.

*Parents are advised that they are still not be able to enter the school grounds with their children and we are continuing to promote a quick drop off and pick up with minimal gathering, as endorsed by health authorities.

*To assist we will have extra staff meeting and greeting at the school gates. For parents who need to come on site, attendance at the office by prior arrangement is required.

*To ease congestion at the busy drop off and pick up times, we request parents stay in the car and make space available as soon as you can move away.

*It is very important to note that children and staff who are unwell must not attend school.