3-4 Camp


COST: $220 covers travel, accommodation, meals (except lunch Wednesday), activities and staffing.

School camp offers many great opportunities for children - physically, socially and emotionally. The Winters Flat Camp program (from P-6) has been developed to optimise these experiences.

Cave Hill Creek is a well-established, organised and comfortable camp facility. It offers a range of great experiences for our grade 3 /4 students with all safety precautions in place. It has been very much enjoyed by staff and students for several years.

The main aim of the camp is for students to experience activities in an alternative environment, in this instance a bush setting. The students will develop social skills including team building, improving confidence, risk taking and getting along with others. With this aim in mind there is a diary component that enables students to record their experiences and work through any challenges they are faced with, whether they are physical challenges, or the challenge of working within a group.

Below you will find all the forms you need to complete and return to school plus some information for you to keep. 

Please return these forms and payment by Friday 7th September.